em·pa·thet·ic /ˌempəˈTHedik/

showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

meep = mindful + empathetic + experiences + please

empathy in the context of meep, means understanding the emotions of ourselves and other people

meep invites you to feel your feelings without judgement

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It is time to open our minds and change the lens. We are living in a world where people’s mantra has become “not good enough”. No matter how successful someone may seem, they are always striving for more.

This mentality in the digital age has lead to stress and burnout. This problem is so prominent that Arianna Huffington created Thrive Global to help people prioritize their personal wellbeing.

To accomplish our deepest desires, we must be the best version of ourselves. This means something different to everyone. It requires self-reflection, detachment from the ego, and action. This is one of the hardest challenges in life.


The dominance of social media has resulted in us measuring our value based on the number of likes and followers we have. We create an online persona, separate from our real selves.

Social media affects our brain similar to drugs; we get a dopamine surge for every notification. We respond to unfollows and negative feedback in emotionally charged ways as if we had been punched in the stomach.

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I have learned that self-worth comes from within. I am challenging myself to social media detox.

  • Unfollow any accounts that give you bad vibes.

  • Spend blocks of time away from your phone. (15 min. - 12 hr.)

  • Do not check notifications after posting.

To start my social media detox; I put my phone aside, took out my paper and connected with my intuition. I was able to unleash a million thoughts that were in my head onto the paper. I connected with my creativity like never before.

Social media holds us back from reaching our full potential — we can not give it that power.

Living in a time where we have the technology to do almost anything, why do we give it the power to take away our happiness?

I am deeply inspired by, This Panda is Dancing, because it raises the question to innovators and digital natives, how can we enhance our lives using technology as a tool to build strong relationships?

In-person relationships allow us to empathize and connect on a human level. We can feel each other's pain and see how our actions impact others. Technology has built an environment for us to hide and tear each other apart while hiding behind a screen. Social media feeds on judgment causing us to never feel “good enough”.

The problem is, we can’t do all of these super awesome things and be perfect posting on social media all of the time. That is not real, yet we expect our bodies to handle it. The truth is, to function at our best, we must take care of ourselves. This means sleeping, eating, exercising and being nice to the voice in your head.

Social media has fostered an environment that is slowly killing us. This 24/7 lifestyle is not realistic; burnout is real.

If you want to be “awesome”, take care of yourself. Listen to your body and take action. If something makes you thrive, do more of it. For me, this meant unplugging to do yoga, listen to music, and journal. This cleared my mind and helped me connect with myself. Follow the direction of anything that fills you with positive energy. If social media is not good energy, cut it out.

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Be grateful for everything that has brought you to this moment. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. The only thing you can control in life is the story that you tell yourself.

Everything happens for a reason, trust that it will be okay and live in the moment.

moments with me, music by leah hammer 🎶🌅