ex·pe·ri·ence /ˌikˈspirēəns/

contact with and observation of facts or events

meep = mindful + empathetic + experiences + please

meep experiences invite you to observe life through your five senses

meep up (meet up) with other meeps to unplug and enjoy the moment

meep up

The Unhidden - meep up 10/11/19

appreciate the moment and engage your senses at The Unhidden meep up event, buy your  tickets  now!

appreciate the moment and engage your senses at The Unhidden meep up event, buy your tickets now!

The Unhidden is Moving On's annual show the North Shore of Long Island can call it's own.

Blurring the lines between dance, visual art, and puppetry, this spectacle is great for an evening out, even for those never having appreciated dance before.

This is an immersive event that brings it's audience into another cosmos...

our own unseen treasures of our beautiful earth.

"...I want more people to stop and smell the earth around them, become it, and do better."

- Nicole Loizides

The Unhidden is great for families though not recommended for children under the age of 10.

The evening begins with a complimentary cocktail or mocktail while among a small museum of moving art. After being ushered down our second exhibit, you'll be seated and enchanted by multiple performances weaving together the 5 Elements through

dance, music, puppetry, and lighting.

Combined with your cocktail it will tickle all of your senses.

Get ready for an evening that is sure to leave you wanting more!

it’s time to meep up to cultivate genuine connection and real conversations.


meep up experiences challenge you to enjoy the moment without your phone.

what are your favorite things to do when you are not plugged into technology?

share your ideas and see them come to life at our next meep up event!


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“Everyone is comparing themselves and it’s getting worse every day from social media. People don’t sleep or take care of themselves and it’s just a never-ending struggle.”

The mission of the page is to push the inevitable use of social media in a mindful direction, so that when someone opens their feed they can see a post that promotes happiness.

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