mind·ful /ˈmīn(d)fəl/

conscious or aware of something

focusing one's awareness on the present moment

meep = mindful + empathetic + experiences + please

mindful in this sense means to be aware of ME

meep invites you to focus your awareness on you in the present moment


What you think, you become.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, and you will live a happy life.

My journey started because I did the opposite. I lived my life under the constant pressure of my self critic, focused on the judgement and opinions of others.  

I attempted to take action by buying a self-help book. The only problem was, I could not get myself to read it. Originally, I thought my struggle was because books were “outdated.” As a result, I spent the past six months working on a solution called, IntraText. The concept was a multi-sensory learning platform that engaged users to keep reading.

However, when I re-evaluated the problem of not being able to read the self-help book. I realized that it wasn’t the book or the teachings, but the lack of instant gratification. Today’s digital world has built a culture of now.

If people make the effort to improve their personal wellness they want to know immediately how they are doing. A lack of results and positive feedback, leads to a high drop out rate with wellness solutions.

This common cycle leads to people thinking that, “nothing works” because they are different. This thought process leads to self medication through instant gratification through food, drugs, and alcohol.

What you feel, you attract.

Channeling my passion for strategy through my digital media startup, Savvy Sisters Media has helped me reflect on my core values. As a student entrepreneur I faced many challenges along the way that started my personal wellness journey.

“Obstacles are detours in the right direction.” - Gabby Bernstein

Moving past these challenges has helped me embody values of respect, openness, and equality in everything that I do. Changing my perspective has opened my mind to endless opportunities for Savvy Sisters Media’s can carry into its third year in business.

Savvy Sisters is embracing the opportunity to go global with brands that connect to our mission such as Sunday Forever, Savvy Sleepers, and Chelsey Wang Cosmetics.

What you imagine, you create.

I imagine a future where technology enhances our lives rather than cripple us.

Instead of being addicted to social media likes and Starbucks rewards, I want to be just as motivated to improve my personal wellness.

Imagine something custom to you and your goals, interests, and passion—

A platform to be build on values of openness and acceptance.

I hope to create a solution using Mindful Meeps as a way to challenge people to prioritize “me time”. I hope to do this by demonstrating results throughout the practice and custom rewards that take their personal wellness to the next level.

You are the dreamer of your own dream. Create visions of the world that you want to see.” - Gabby Bernstein

this is how I see the future, what are your hopes and dreams?

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