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Courtney Gabrus

inspirational leader Courtney Gabrus loves experiencing life through talking and listening to music. her mindful escape is the beach, the ocean provides a form on consistency when life starts to feel uncertain. Courtney, is a stroke survivor with muscular dystrophy. transforming her mindset has helped her heal and connect with her mission of motivating others and to create an inclusive future.

favorite Quote: “Obstacles are detours in the right direction”

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Jamie Levy

mindful technology advocate, Jamie Levy, has started the #meepmovement as part of her personal mindfulness journey. today’s digital age has transformed the way that we live and communicate. searching for a better way has manifested the meep mission. when unplugging, you can find Jamie at the beach, doing yoga, or roller balding. passionate about helping others, Jamie love’s strategic consulting and chatting about mindfulness, send her a note if you are interested in chatting!

Favorite Quote: “Create visions of the world that you want to see.”

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