please /plΔ“z/

used in polite requests.

take only one's own wishes into consideration in

deciding how to act or proceed.

meep = mindful + empathetic + experiences + please

please, listen to what your inner 'me' is telling you


meep stands for mindful empathetic experiences please.

our goal is to promote:

  • personal awareness

  • understanding of emotions

  • authentic experiences

by starting the conversation, we hope to help people help themselves.

today’s digital world has created a culture of comparison and bad vibes.πŸ™…

our plan is to instead use technology as a tool to help facilitate genuine connection and prioritize our personal well being.

currently, we are a group of meep motivators starting the discussion around these topics.

we hope to create a community build on values of love, trust and respect to help build a mindful, empathetic, experiential future.

if this sounds like something you are interested in, start now by joining the meep movement.

please open your mind to new possibilities.

how can you add value to the meep mission?

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it’s time to focus on me.

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moments with me
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